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About MindTime Project

Billions of dollars are spent annually on trying to understand human behavior across hundreds of industries.

Nobody has ever created a technology based—universally adoptable and globally accessible—cognitive model for understanding and predicting human thought—the genesis of all behavior. Until now.

We are leaders in our scientific approach to understanding people. And, we are groundbreaking in our delivery of this solution by providing the technology and open-innovation licenses for all users to leverage this insight.

Our iFrame/API supported Internet based technology empowers developers in all fields where gaining an understanding of people has significant impact and value; organization, marketing, education, healthcare, politics, governance, psychology, and many more, to easily and cost-effectively adopt our solution into their situations. Thus the scope of the MindTime cognitive framework’s potential to create new economic and social value is limited only by imagination.

The era of traditional personality testing and behavioral data mining is over. We are an enabling technology that delivers unprecedented insights—individual and systemic—into people.

For more information about licensing opportunities and our other products (SmartSlices™ intelligent audience segmentation, etc), please contact us:


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